Yamaha R1DT

Be one of the first to drive the Yamaha R1DT

Be one of the first to drive the Yamaha R1DT concept car 

Chain driven motorcycle engine 

Horse Power: 200 modes for less hp is an option

Wheel Base: 82 inches 

Width: 72 inches 

Weight: Approx 1200 lbs


Q: Why is Yamaha interested in the dirt track industry?

A: Yamaha not only has a rich history of racing, but of innovation and diversification. Because dirt track racers and fans already use other Yamaha products like power equipment, motorcycles and ATVs, dirt track racing is a natural next step for Yamaha.

Q: What does Yamaha bring to the dirt track industry?

A: The R1DT dirt track concept is an opportunity for Yamaha to introduce hundreds of thousands of past, present and future Yamaha customers to the exciting world that is dirt track racing. Yamaha’s expertise in manufacturing and existing infrastructure, including retail financing can also bring a new level of reliability and accessibility to existing and future dirt track racers.

Q: What is the R1DT concept?

A: The R1DT concept is tube chassis, purpose-built dirt track car powered by a fuel injected, inline 4 cylinder engine from Yamaha’s R1S production motorcycle. It is designed to be a low maintenance, low cost of operation, turn-key, production race car which can be purchased at select Yamaha outlets then taken directly to the track. The turn key concept allows customers to overcome the time necessary to assemble and high maintenance barrier associated with typical dirt track cars. Features of the car allow it to be a good training tool for up and coming drivers without sacrificing the fun factor for more experienced racers.

Q: Will Yamaha make the R1DT concept a production vehicle?

A: While the R1DT is still a concept, Yamaha’s objective is to make a production version of the R1DT, but only if and when the car meets Yamaha’s high standards for performance and reliability.

Q: When will Yamaha turn the R1DT concept into a production car?

A: At this point, there is no firm date on production. However, Yamaha is continuing to gather feedback from racers through the Cory Kruseman and Donnie Moran driving schools as we continue to refine the R1DT production racer concept.

Q: Why introduce the car as a prototype and not as production car?

A: Yamaha is working towards the possibility of turning the R1DT concept into a reality. But because Yamaha is a new comer to the dirt track industry, feedback from fans, racers, promotors and sanctioning bodies on the concept as well as specific features of the car is essential in order to make informed decisions as we move forward.

Q: How much with the R1DT concept cost if it reaches production?

A: At this point, the retail price has not been set. But because retail price is so critical, Yamaha will thoroughly research the price point that provides the vest value to the customer while maintaining the quality that is expected from Yamaha.

Q: What makes the R1DT different from what is already available?

A: Since the R1DT concept is a clean sheet design, we were able to incorporate features like symmetrical suspension components and the ability to run on pump gas that would reduce operational cost. Features like a variable engine output as well as data acquisition will assist in advancing a novice driver’s skill level and experience in a safe and rewarding way. The R1DT is designed as a budget friendly, turnkey, low maintenance solution with proper parts support and available financing options.

Q: Will Yamaha make the R1S engine available for sale to the dirt track industry?

A: At this point, the main focus of the dirt track project is a turnkey production race car. However, assuming that certain challenges can be overcome, Yamaha is open to discussing the possibility of an engine program utilizing the R1S engine in the future.

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